The website "Learning from History" is a publication platform
for educational projects (realized in schools
and in out-of-school, youth education)
dedicated to the history of Poland and its neighbors in the 20th century and human rights
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  7. Remembrance about the extermination of Roma. Commemoration status in Poland
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  1. ’And… Action! Against Nazis’ - pedagogical guidance for educating about right-wing extremism
  2. "Dig Where You are Standing" Malchow: A sub-camp of Ravensbrück
  3. "Euthanasia" at Bernburg: Mass Murder of the Aged and Infirm
  4. Anti-Racism Project For Unemployed Youth
  5. Children and Soviet repression policy in 1930s
  6. Children from the photos… Polish, Gypsy and Jews
  7. Children’s rights in the Soviet Union before and after the Great Patriotic War
  8. Deportations in Russia and Poland in the 20th century
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  18. Simulation Games on Human Rights Dilemmas. Manuals with Role Cards and Guidelines for Facilitators
  19. Stalinism: Establishment of political regime and human rights
  20. Taking Away Children's Rights in National Socialism and Saving Children's Rights Today
  21. The human rights of the disabled, the terminally ill and the dying, in the context of the Nazi „Euthanasia“ programme
  22. The Last Journey (Die letzte Reise)
  23. The problem of refugees yesterday and today: case study of DP camps


  1. simulation game


  1. Toolkit for Young Educators: human rights and minorities
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