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First Person - Conversations with Holocaust Survivors
Location / Region: Washington
Institution: US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Patron / Project supervision: US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Project authors: US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Age group: Mixed group
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United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
100 Raoul Wallenberg Place, SW
Washington, DC 20024-2126
Main telephone: (202) 488-0400
TTY: (202) 488-0406

Introductory remarks

First Person is a program for the public featuring a series of conversations with Holocaust survivors. These eyewitness accounts unite personal experience with history in a way that is extraordinary in its immediacy and power. Each hour-long program is presented as a live interview with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.
The project is derived from the partner Website "Lernen aus der Geschichte".

First Person programs are held on Wednesdays from March through August and Tuesdays from April through July.

The programs are also available as a podcast series:

Read more about First Person on the website of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum:


Didactic text

Within the project it is possible to held conversations with Holocaust survivors. But except of it everyone can listen to the podcasts. The podcasts series features excerpts from interviews with Holocaust survivors presented at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s public program, First Person — Conversations with Holocaust Survivors.

Encountering eyewitnesses (oral history)
Resurrecting a biography
Persecution of Jews
Everyday life under occupation
Ghettos and Holocaust
Nazi repressions against civilians
Beginning of the WWII (1 September 1939)