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Deportations in Russia and Poland in the 20th century
Location / Region: Berlin
Institution: Geschichtswerkstatt Europa
Patron / Project supervision: Project team
Project authors: Robert Latypov, Elina Nurtdinova, Elżbieta Szumańska, Maciej Wąs
Age group: Mixed group
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Robert Latypov 
(342) 282-54-42

Introductory remarks

This Russian-Polish project analyses the reasons for differing perceptions and perspectives on the topic of deportations in Russia and Poland in the 20th century. 

The centrepiece of research are two research trips through Russia and Poland, during which witnesses to those historical events are interviewed. The focus of analysis is put on individual and personal experiences of Russian and Polish deportees, whose Paths of Remembrance are reconstructed and questioned on whether, regardless of nationality, a shared memory or commonly shared experiences can be discerned. The project team want to place the history of these deportations into a new context that transgresses existing borders.

Some actions of the Russian members of the project team and reactions in Russia:

„We put information about our project and the results into the web side of 'Young Memorial'. - This is a part of the 'Memorial' society in Perm/Russia which gathers young volunteers for different activities of the society. Through this step we decided to draw attention of young people who read this side to the problems of the Soviet deportations and remembering of it in Russia. We wanted also to show that there were other nationalities which suffered under Stalin regime.

Generally, the topic of repressions during those times is in Russian not popular. In spite of it we followed this unpopular path.

An author who signed himself as a teacher of history has accused us of one-sided angle of our results (partially it was just generally a criticism on the society Memorial but also on the perspective we have chosen). In the eyes of this teacher we should have dedicated our attention to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Somebody else put his criticism in an ironical way: well, a publication for money of the German friends.”

The results can be downloaded:
- in German language (part 1 and part 2),
- in Polish language (part 1 and part 2),
- in Russian language (part 1, part 2 and part 3).



Didactic text

The project team research the deportations in Poland and Russia in the 20th century while two research trips through Russia and Poland, during which witnesses to those historical events are interviewed. 


Historical inspection
Encountering eyewitnesses (oral history)
Creating local historical references
Forced labor in the Third Reich
Soviet repressions against civilians