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Animations - Community archives and Oral history recordings

17.02.2016 | Wednesday | Udostępnij na Facebooku

The archives run by non government organizations exist in every country. There is no cohesive model of cooperation between the state and the community archives, while there are many good practices in state archives policy in relation to community archives, to grant programs, whether to self-organization of the community archives network. They also presented a useful point of reference for Poland.

That's why KARTA Center started the project "Community archive stabilization project". The project is carried out within the program ‘Citizens for Democracy’, financed by the EEA Funds.

Whitin the project KARTA Center prepared 2 animations related to community archives and recordings of oral history statements and then let them to translate into English. You can watch the results here.

1) COMMUNITY ARCHIVES: How they are created and how they work? How to join the community archives network?

Made by KARTA Centre

2) ORAL HISTORY: How to make audio recordings of biographical accounts? A short manual

Based on knowledge of the Oral History Archive of KARTA Centre and History Meeting House

Film were made within the framework of the Polish Community Archive Stabilization Project within the program Citizens for Democracy, financed by the EEA Funds.

Animation (excluding audio) available under a CC license. Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0). 

The content may be used for any purpose on condition of citing the author, Ośrodek KARTA, as the holder of rights to the text, and the licensing information. 

Any derivative works based on the animation are subject to the same conditions of dissemination. 

Full License:
Animation: Piotr Machulski,
Text: Monika Szylar
Read by: Jakub Urlich

You can watch both animations together with all Polish versions here.