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10th Jewish Motifs International Film Festival

16.04.2014 | Wednesday | Udostępnij na Facebooku

The 10th Jewish Motifs International Film Festival, hereinafter referred to as the Festival, will take place on 22-27.04.2014. The Festival will take place in Muranów Cinema in Warsaw, Andersa 5 Str. The Organizer of the Festival is Jewish Motifs Association. 

The purpose of the Festival is the contest presentation of films on Jewish identity and experience through the centuries and preservation of culture and tradition as the source of Judeo-Christian civilization. All forms of films may participate in the Festival (feature, documentary, animation and experimental films), the running time of which is at least 4 minutes in the autonomic form or in the form of the so called compilation. 

Only the films made within the two years preceding a given edition of the Festival and in a current year shall be accepted for the Festival. In exceptional cases, upon the request of the Program Board or Selection Commission, an exception from the above requirements will be accepted.

The contest is carried out in three categories: (a) a feature film, (b) a documentary (c) animation and experimental film. 

The Jury of the Festival grants the cash awards and the statues of the Warsaw PHOENIXES: Grand Prix for the best film of the Festival irrespective of the category, and Phoenixes in each of the three categories. The Jury is empowered to decide about a different distribution of awards.

The entry to all films is free.

The programme can be downloaded here.