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European Youth Forum "Pilorama Lab"

14.10.2013 | Monday | Udostępnij na Facebooku

On July 25-28, 2012 the Forum co-organized the first European Youth Forum "Pilorama Lab". The event was organized in the framework of the International Civil Forum "Pilorama", an annual gathering of politicians, human rights activists, journalists, artists, actors, musicians as well as representatives of the general public from different Russian regions and abroad taking pace yearly at the territory of GULag Museum Perm36 in Perm Region.

The about 100 participants from 11 countries discussed actual questions of issues as Minorities Rights, Urban Development and civic participation, historical memory and education and political use of these topics with, experts from several European countries and  Russian regions. To our great regret, the Second European Forum of Young Professionals "Pilorama Lab" this year had to be suddenly canceled.

Officially, this was due to some irregularities in the agreement previously signed by the Ministry of Culture of the Perm Region with the Perm-36 Museum, the principal organizer of the Pilorama Lab. After the Ministry had withdrawn its commercial contribution to Pilorama, which made up half of he budget, it became financially impossible to carry out the event in the same format, extent and quality originally conceived. Therefore, the event had to be cancelled. This was particularly disappointing as the intensive preparatory work had already started almost a year ago.

Nevertheless the organizers decided to organize a solidarity event in Perm with two podium discussions at the time when "Pilorama Lab" and "Pilorama" had to have taken place in order to express support for civil society in Russian in general an in the Perm region in particular. The event was supported by local NGOs (Grani, Perm36, Memoial Perm) uniting experts from Russia and Europe. The podiums discussion touched a whole spectrum of themes like environment, corruption, intercultural dialogue, historical memory among other themes that involved lively discussion with public afterwards.