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Crimean Tatars destroyed the provocative exhibition dedicated to Josef Stalin

02.01.2013 | Wednesday | Udostępnij na Facebooku

On December 21, 2012 the Crimean Tatars destroyed the exhibition dedicated to the 133 anniversary of the birth of one of the most brutal tyrants in history who committed heinous crimes – Joseph Stalin.

The exhibition was organized by the Crimean branch of the Russian organization "Sut vremeni – Krym / The essence of time – the Crimea" in the most crowded area of ​​the city center in Simferopol. Victor Mironov, the member of that organization, was distributing hand-outs, containing goals of the exhibition. However, he argued that the deportation of the Crimean Tatars is properly perfect action done by Josef Stalin. The exhibition dedicated to the executioner of many people in the Soviet Union aroused strong indignation among Crimean Tatars. With the words: "Remove this crap and fascist" they overthrew their stands and painted a fylfot symbol. Many chanted: "Stalin, Hitler – the Nazis!"

The police officers who stood nearby were correct and reserved. V. Mironov referring to the Crimean Tatars with a request to calm down, stating that he allegedly understood their emotions. The exhibition ended without an incident. There were no suffers at all during the announced Last Day.

The provocative exhibition to notorious Stalin’s personality came to the end.

Press-centre of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people
December 21, 2012 Regional Center of the Russian organization "Sut vremeni – Krym / The essence of time – Crimea" in Simferopol organizes an exhibition on the 133-th anniversary of one of the most brutal tyrants in history, who committed heinous crimes – Joseph Stalin.

The organizers perpetuate Stalin as most significant leader of the state "in the history of Russian civilization." The exhibition will contain photographs of Nazi Germany leaders – Hitler and Ribbentrop, who praised Stalin.

The event is organized by the regional unit of the All-Russian Crimean "Levopatrioticheskiy" movement, founded by Sergey Kurginyan. This gloomy personality of modern Russian Federation, strongly opposes the development of democratic values and democracy in the Russia, actively promoting the revival of a criminal state of the USSR.

This action is a gross interference in the social life of the sovereign state of Ukraine by the All-Russian Public Movement "Sut vremeni".

Moreover, the exhibition is obviously provocative action, planned to discredit Ukraine at a time when it recently took over the mission of the prestigious chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

In this situation the Crimean autonomy, including the security services and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, took re-understand position as it was during the recent criminal accident in the Crimean Tatar settlement near Simferopol district, commited by activists of "Russkoye Edinstvo / Russian Unity" party.

In this context, we draw attention of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to planned provocation of pro-Russian organizations of Crimea, dangerous for our society.

Press-centre of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people