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Human Rights in past and present

17.10.2011 | Monday | Udostępnij na Facebooku

Until January 15th, 2012, school and youth groups from Germany, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe as well as Israel can apply for funding by sending in a project outline. The funding theme is "Human Rights in past and present".

Europeans For Peace is a programme of the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibilty and Future". 

Applicant projects should examine issues of human rights transnationally from a historical and present day perspective. Historical reference points should be issues of National Socialism, the Holocaust and the Second World War and post-War history. Present day topics concern human rights violations and how each of us can play a part in ensuring and upholding human rights today.

The projects should investigate actual cases of human rights abuse and highlight the people and organizations that have resisted them. They should question why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is still relevant today and why human rights are still not recognized everywhere. Why do they need to be defended by institutions and civil society? Why are poverty, environmental pollution, violence, conflict and war connected to human rights abuses? How can human rights be supported effectively?

The projects should contribute to making people less susceptible to ideologies of inequality such as anti-Semitism and racism by illustrating the appeal of ideas of freedom and equality. Aim is to encourage the call for concrete human rights and the measuring of politics and economies against the yardstick of how well these demands are met. The projects increase the individual awareness in the necessity of protecting and defending human rights.

Project examples to present topic „Human Rights in present and past” as well as further information related to the funding and application procedures can be found in the attached brochure or on internet site at More information can be also obtained under