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Summer School: Jewish History and Culture of East-Central Europe in the 19th-20th Centuries

12.07.2011 | Tuesday | Udostępnij na Facebooku

The second annual summer school on Jewish History and Culture of East-Central Europe is held at the Center for Urban History From June 27th to July 22nd, 2011.

The first summer school took place at the Center in July of 2010. Positive feedback from last year’s students and instructors prompted the Center to continue the summer school project this year as well.

As Ukrainian universities typically don’t teach Jewish history and culture as part of their curriculum, the Center is offering young people in Ukraine the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the history of Jewish life in Ukraine and East-Central Europe through our four-week program.  

The Center also aims to create a positive learning environment for young scholars who share common academic interests. This year, the Center has invited instructors from New York, Jerusalem, Wroclaw and Kyiv.

Twenty young people from twelve cities in Ukraine will take part in the summer school, including undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and instructors, and journalists.

Over the course of four weeks, participants will take two intensive classes on the history of the Jews of East-Central Europe in the 19-20th centuries, a class on the history of local Jewish culture, and a separate class on the history of the Holocaust in Ukraine.  

Additionally, participants will take a 40-hour beginning Yiddish course, which will provide a foundation for those who wish to continue their language study abroad.

Instructors and Courses:

Professor Natalia Aleksiun (Graduate School for Jewish Studies, Touro College, New York). "History of the Jews of Galicia in the 19-20th centuries: Between History and Modernity".

Dr. Vladimir Levin (Center of Jewish Art at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem). "History of the Jews of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, 1772-1991".

Dr. Joanna Lisek (Center for the Study of Jewish Culture and Language, Wroclaw University). "Traditional Jewish Culture – Person, Customs, Daily Life".

Dr. Anatoly Podolsky (Ukrainian Center for the Holocaust Studies). "The History of the Holocaust in Ukraine: Research, Publications, Reflections".

Throughout the school, there will also be guest lecturers, discussions and film screenings, which will be open to the general public. Among the guest lecturers will be researchers from several top universities around the world such as Israel Bartal, Semen Holdin, Yonatan Dekelkhen, and Simon Rabinovich, who will introduce current research themes in the field of Jewish History.  

Ukrainian researchers such as Vita Susak, Vasyl Rasevych, Maxim Hon, Leonid Finberg and Khrystyna Bojko, will speak about Jewish art, political memory, cultural heritage, and more.  

A special session will be dedicated to the current situation and various perspectives regarding museums of Jewish history and culture in Ukraine.

Summer School participants will learn about and take field trips to the towns of Zhovkva and Brody, as well as visiting places of Jewish historical significance in Lviv.

For more information, and to view the schedule of guest lecturers, please click here (in Ukrainian).

To view the details and schedule for the summer school, please click here (in Ukrainian).