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Publ. „Human Rights and History: A Challenge for Education”, edited by Rainer Huhle

20.05.2010 | Thursday | Udostępnij na Facebooku

The Foundation „Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” in Berlin, Germany, is announcing its new publication, „Human Rights and History: A Challenge for Education”, edited by Rainer Huhle.
This volume elucidates the debates surrounding the historical development of human rights after 1945. The authors examine a number of specific human rights, including the prohibition of discrimination, freedom of opinion, the right to asylum and the prohibition of slavery and forced labor, to consider how different historical experiences and legal traditions shaped their formulation. Through the examples of Latin America and the former Soviet Union, they explore the connections between human rights movements and human rights education. Finally, they address current challenges in human rights education to elucidate the role of historical experience in education. For more information also about other publication of the Foundation „Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” or an electronic version of the publication please visit the website of the Foundation „Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”.

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The publication of the Foundation „Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” was published in March 2010 and edited by Rainer Huhle. Berlin 2010, English, 196 pages.

In remembrance of the victims of National Socialist injustice, the Foundation „Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” works to promote human rights and understanding between peoples. It also upholds its commitment to the survivors. The Foundation is thus an expression of the continuing political and moral responsibility of the state, industry and society for the wrongs committed in the name of National Socialism.

The Foundation supports international projects in the following areas:
* A critical examination of history
* Working for human rights
* Commitment to the victims of National Socialism

The Foundation  was established in 2000, primarily to make payments to former forced labourers. The payments programmes were completed in 2007. The Foundation’s capital of EUR 5.2 billion was provided by the German
Government and German industry. A total of EUR 358 million was set aside as Foundation capital in order to finance project support. The Foundation finances its long-term funding activities out of the income generated by this capital.