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Website and CD-ROM about GULAG in German

27.04.2010 | Tuesday | Udostępnij na Facebooku

The Web site and the CD-ROM „GULAG - Das System der Zwangsarbeitslager in der Sowjetunion” describe the Soviet penal labor camp system and provide few informations about political persecution in the Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR. The Web site has three focal points: labor camp, biographies and literature. The visitors can imagine where the controllers of labor camps were on the map of the Soviet Union. There is an alphabetical list of the controllers.

Labor camps: there are over 500 labor camps there. The visitors can read about the history of the camp, numbers of prisoners and the kind of work there. They can go to the biographies of the prisoners directly from these place. There are pictures and documents there. There is an search engine in all descriptions as well there.

Biographies: there are over 250 biographies in schedules. Some of them include quotations from letters and memoirs, also photos of prisoners. The information come from Archive and Museum of the Internationale Gesellschaft MEMORIAL and the project of MEMORIAL Deutschland - Potsdamer KGB-Gefängnis in der Leistikowstr. Other biographies wrote Prof. Jenkner and Dr. Ammer.

Literature: there are articles (also from the compendium "System der Besserungsarbeitslager in der UdSSR" or the book of Siegfried Jenkner "Erinnerungen politischer Häftlinge an den GULAG". These two books were written escpecially for the Web site and can be downloaded. There are many other books there, also about the methods of political oppression in Soviet Union and  in the Soviet Occupation Zone, then the GDR. All of them can be downloaded.

Target group: The information on the Web site can be applied in school lessons. They could be also interesting for scientists.

If you have questions to the project, please write to: Vera Ammer: or Sebastian Prieß: from Memorial Deutschland, who coach the Web site.