The website "Learning from History" is a publication platform
for educational projects (realized in schools
and in out-of-school, youth education)
dedicated to the history of Poland and its neighbors in the 20th century and human rights

Editorial team
(acts as a team and is responsible for the content and overall functioning of the website)
shared e-mail address:

Team members have also their additional specialization:

Alicja Wancerz-Gluza – co-ordination of work, finances, strategic decisions
(please contact also in more general or "difficult" issues:

Marcin Wilkowski – IT and technical issues, e-learning

Agnieszka Kudełka - editorial issues, projects, news, Polish version

Pawel Mielczarek - editorial issues, news, English version

Piotr Głogowski – „History at Hand" project

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ul. Narbutta 29
tel.: (0-22) 848-07-12; faks: (0-22) 646-65-11

Did you know...
History Meeting House (Karowa 20 Warsaw) carries out an interesting educational program. Schools can apply to organize special lessons based on House’s exhibitions. They can also use House’s resources and multimedia equipment. Schools can present their own projects as well.