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Funding programme for human rights education through history learning

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Author:Dr. Martin Salm

With the funding programme “Teaching human rights” launched in 2008, the Foundation EVZ has been making a specific contribution to linking the teaching of human rights with learning about history against the background of National Socialist crimes. In doing so it aims to enable the recipients of teaching to acquire learning contents that the two areas cannot produce individually when taught on their own. People who know about history are better equipped to recognise present-day injustice.

So far 39 national and international education projects in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia and Israel, some of them running over several years, have been funded within the context of the “Teaching human rights” programme 

with a budget of over € 2.1 million. The project proposals submitted in four calls for applications for funding were examined comparatively by an expert jury. The funding also includes elements of project support, such as annual advisory and networking meetings for funded projects. 

A further goal of the programme was and is to link teaching about human rights more strongly with learning from the history of National Socialism. With the conference “Rights that make us human beings, human rights as an answer to historical and current injustice” 

held in Nuremberg in 2008, the Foundation created a forum for discussing current human rights issues and for generating impulses from this for teaching human rights with a focus on history too. In cooperation with the German Institute for Human Rights and the Buchenwald 

Memorial Site, the Foundation developed a specific training offering for project leaders and education officers from Central and Eastern Europe and Israel in 2009 – the International Academy “Remembrance and Human Rights”. This was then successfully continued by 

the Foundation in 2010 and 2011 and in cooperation with the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) was opened up for participants from Western Europe too.

An evaluation of the funding programme has confirmed the success of the programme approach. The programme is unique in Europe. The Foundation will take the recommendations made by the evaluation on board. These advocate continuing to promote the sustainability 

of successful projects with a historical focus on the history of National Socialism and its crimes in World War II and supporting the national and international discourse. Up to the end of 2014 national training and networking events are planned in Poland, Germany and Ukraine. 

The brochure (>> download >>) aims to give you an insight into the diversity of the themes addressed, the methodological approaches and the country contexts. It presents education projects for young people and multipliers, as well as for special target groups such as members of the police force or staff of public administrations. It shows innovative project results that appear to have been particularly successful in linking history learning and teaching human rights. I hope you find many impulses for your own work. 

Dr. Martin Salm
Chairman of the Board of Directors 

Website of the Foundation EVZ

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