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Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe

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The Yivo Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe provides students and pedagogues with comprehensive material about the history and culture of Jews in Eastern Europe. Besides alphabetically arranged articles one has access to almost 1500 pictures, audio and video documents, 60 different maps and almost 200 scanned original documents (esp. letters, postcards and poems).
The article is derived from the partner Website "Lernen aus der Geschichte".

For pedagogues Yivo arranged the available material according to different topics and developed possible lesson plans to be implemented in class. 

The material consists of a lesson plan, a power-point presentation on the topic and a handout. The plan offers a detailed outline of a possible lesson including suggestions for discussion topics and extension activities. It contains also a list of recommended articles and maps from the encyclopedia. The power-point presentation is a combination of texts and photographs. 

All in all the material offers the opportunity to outline on the one hand how diverse life of a supposed uniform group can be and on the other hand how close this can be to our own life. The rich material offered by the encyclopedia could be interesting for pupils in a different age.


Website "Lernen aus der Geschichte"

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Additional competition for the photo illustrating research work of the participants was announced for the first time within a framework of the 13th edition of the “History at Hand” competition.