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“Discrimination in the past and present - an international youth work topic”
09 April 2015
Author: Agnieszka Kudełka

"Welcome to the first edition of the LfH Magazine in the new year. We’re focusing on "discrimination in the past and the present" in international project work."

The introduction of GzVeN and its reception in the Czech Lands, 1933–1938/40-45
10 October 2014
Author: Michal V. Šimůnek

In Czechoslovakia, as in many other Central European countries, the introduction of the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring (Gesetz zur Verhütung erbkranken Nachwuchses, or GzVeN) was largely the concern of medical and legal experts. Although as late as Autumn 1932 the authorities observed that "… we are not aware of the question of sterilization having been considered by the Czechoslovak Parliament, nor of it having been the subject of administrative investigations." A few months after the introduction of GzVeN, however, the view that it would "be… prudent to pay greater attention to these issues" had already begun to appear in professional medical publications. 

Remembrance about the extermination of Roma Commemoration status in Poland
01 September 2014
Author: Roman Kwiatkowski, Roma Association in Poland

The commemoration of the crimes committed on Roma and Sinti (in the following part shortly referred to as Roma) is for the Roma society an extremely important issue.  It is essential not only because of its human aspect, not only because of the inner need to cultivate the memory about the murder that took place but also because of the nation-building character of this public history of the Roma. The memory about the Nazi crimes is an important element integrating a society scattered over many different countries, diverse in terms of culture and dialectics and therefore constitutes a critical factor influencing formation of the common national identity of the Roma. In this context it is essential to pose a question - what is the current state of the commemoration of the crimes committed against Roma?

The Battle for the Past
28 July 2014
Author: Andy Potts

As Andy Potts writes "Russia’s culture ministry, headed by the ultra-patriotic Vladimir Medinsky, is barreling into another row over the country’s recent history. The abrupt withdrawal of funding for Perm-36, a museum on the site of a former gulag camp in the northern Urals, has outraged many who believe that Russia is embarking on a dangerous game of whitewashing its Soviet past." 

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