The website "Learning from History" is a publication platform
for educational projects (realized in schools
and in out-of-school, youth education)
dedicated to the history of Poland and its neighbors in the 20th century and human rights
About us

"Learning from history" website – the project by KARTA Centre – is a platform for publication of educational projects dedicated to history of Poland and its neighbors in 20th century. Special emphasis is placed on the experience of the two totalitarian regimes: Nazism and communism in WWII, their heritage and contemporary debates about them as well as citizen education and human rights promotion.

The web site is addressed to teachers and other persons or institutions working with children and youth. It intends to be a platform for exchange of opinion and deepening of knowledge, source of inspiration for work and studies as well as a laboratory for testing of the new methods of acquiring and exchanging knowledge about history.

"Learning from history" was launched in 2005 (as a first initiative of this type in Poland) in co-operation with German foundation Fördergesellschaft Kulturelle Bildung e.V. It is a part of "Learning from history" network together with the "Lernen aus der Geschichte" website as well as the website created in Russia by "Memorial" organization based in Moscow:

The network is financed by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future"  (Stiftung "Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft").


International network ”Learning from History” adopted a common document on ”Quality standards and procedures for web portals”


Project realisation
Ośrodek KARTA
02-536 Warszawa
ul. Narbutta 29
tel.: (0-22) 848-07-12; faks: (0-22) 646-65-11

Commission of experts
prof. Włodzimierz Borodziej (Instytut Historyczny Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego)
prof. Jerzy Kochanowski (Instytut Historyczny Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego)
prof. Wojciech Materski (Instytut Studiów Politycznych PAN)

Concepts and administration
Alicja Wancerz-Gluza, Ośrodek KARTA (Warszawa)

Editorial team
(acts as a team and is responsible for the content and overall functioning of the web site)
shared e-mail address:

team members have also their additional specialization:

Alicja Wancerz-Gluza – co-ordination of work, finances, strategic decisions
(please contact also in more general or "difficult" issues:

Marcin Wilkowski – IT and technical issues, e-learning

Agnieszka Kudełka - editorial issues, news, projects, Polish version

Małgorzata Kudosz - editorial issues, news, projects, Polish version

After rather a long break the new enhanced version of the „Learning from history" service was launched at the beginning of January 2009. It offers:

- new functionalities:

• account registration enabling access to enhanced content, as well as to newsletter subscription
• newsletter containing information on new content of the web site
• keywords enabling more effective search facilities
• RSS channels
• interactive map of educational projects about history - we encourage the users to send us information about planned, ongoing or concluded projects

- new sections:

• News – contains information about new educational initiatives, news about history, invitations to various events as well as presentation of new publications

• World Insight – contains news about history from other countries, as well as information on foreign projects and initiatives

• "History at Hand" project – section dedicated to the competition organized by the KARTA Centre for high school pupils. Contains presentation of the "History at Hand" club, information about ongoing competition as well as material related to previous editions

• Articles – contains interesting articles about history and historical education. We hope to offer the users many important and useful information as well as inspiration in their work. We encourage to send us your texts about history as well as presenting your school experiences, methods and innovations that are worth trying.